"Inner bonding has taught and supported me in redefining god as a wise and gentle presence, as opposed to the taskmaster I once perceived god to be. In having begun to practice inner bonding consistently, I am developing new paternal and maternal voices within, and tending to both the false thoughts of my wounds and the dreams and desires of my deepest self. It has supported me in continuing to seek my answers from that wise place within, rather than outside of myself. It has helped me to evolve in my courage to love in the moments where it's the hardest thing to do.

"I am grateful for this tool that encourages me to tune in and find the most loving steps to take on my own soul's behalf. This process is of great nurturance to my artist, who I see as being synonymous with my inner child. I am very grateful to Margaret and Erika for channeling this information, and sharing it so generously."

--Alanis Morissette, singer/songwriter


'Learning about Inner Bonding has been like learning the secret to life.  I have been struggling in my life for so long - spinning in circles.  Inner Bonding has a clear, logical method to healing and becoming all you can be.  I am blown away by what I have learned and I am grateful.' --Clare Fogle, Brooklyn, NY


"Here...is a method for recreating yourself as a powerful, spiritually connected, loving adult self, capable of taking personal responsibility for your own feelings and behaviors... a powerful method for healing relationship and family conflict, as well as for healing self-destructive and addictive behavior. I am very excited about this material. It takes the truths found in ... the newest wisdom literature, and renders them functional in everyday life. Anything that takes a huge wisdom and turns it into a practical tool is a treasure indeed. It is one thing to behold the wisdom and quite another to be able to use it."
--Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God


"I wanted to let you know that Inner Bonding has made an incredible difference in my life. Your books (Inner Bonding and Healing Your Aloneness) have led to transformation in me. As a result of the personal growth I have experienced, I have been amazed to find that every one of my relationships (work, parent, child, romantic) has undergone a transformation as well. I have found that as I have healed me, these hurts have healed in my relationships.

I have spent the last 20 years searching for a way to heal my life. I have read (literally) dozens of books, done affirmations, tried therapy and worked endlessly to grow past my childhood. It was not until I connected with my own child inside and became a loving adult that I received the benefits of all of the other work I had done on myself. It has been like an avalanche of joy and abundance broken loose by the Inner Bonding process. This level of sheer pleasure in being alive every day- the gratitude that is my every breath was not possible without your help." --Amber Sonne


"Would you think me crazy if I said there was a single process that could solve all the issues with which we as human beings struggle? Over the years, I begin noticing a common denominator in all these problems and came to the conclusion that there is only one issue: humankind's lack of experience in feeling our Divine self and our innate connection with the Divine. All other issues stem from this... we are taught a most loving process [that] will take you on a life-changing journey down a path full of awakenings, tears, compassion, reunion, joy and peace. This path, in reference to our divinity, is one seldom even thought about, much less explored. --Lindsay Wagner,actress, author, humanitarian


"True emotional intimacy, and especially sexual intimacy for me (I've learned) can only exist when I am open to being my authentic self. Intimacy starts with me. The Inner Bonding work I've done both individually and as a couple has allowed me to recognize the beauty within me, and ultimately, free myself of deep fears which meddled in my relationships for far too long.  Eventually, every relationship in my life blossomed and deepened as I continued to grow and learn to act from loving kindness, first with myself, and then with others, allowing me to be available for truly soulful relationships." --Jeff Frymer, MFT


"...a powerful, effective method for learning to love ourselves at the deepest spiritual level so that we can love others fully." --Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. And Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., authors of Conscious Loving and The Conscious Heart 


"Thank you so much for your teachings, they are changing my life. I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for 11 years and this teaching is allowing me to integrate the teachings of that material in a real life way." --Jackie Parkinson, Ontario, Canada


"Through this process I went from being my last resort to being my own best friend! ...the most rewarding moment in my life. I finally experienced the total goodness and light that is the essence of my being -- my true self. What could be a more powerful gift. It feels good to be whole!" --Catherine Oxenberg, actress


"The integration of spirit with deep psychological work is the missing piece in all the other therapies and meditation practices I've done....Your work has been a huge help in my life....The changes in my life have been nothing short of miraculous....and I'm so grateful for the work you are doing for so many. Unconditional love for ourselves is something almost all of us seem to be missing. This creates so many problems, including disease and even wars. But it can be restored. And your work does that." --Peter Cutler, Sedona, AZ


"Inner Bonding is empowering - what better effect can a teaching have?  I have never benefited very much from any other teaching - but actually with Inner Bonding I find I am benefiting more from all teachings... Your work is a beacon.

Everything I read and listen to from Eckart Tolle and Pema Chodron, to Melody Beattie and Gabor Mate all resonates with Inner Bonding, but for me Inner Bonding is the center of a clear and complete teaching on healing." --Val Dudley


 "Your work is revolutionary and just what the planet needs right now." --Jim Broughton


"...Your gift to articulate it in such a direct, compassionate, and loving way....there are no words for my gratitude... beginning at 14 years of age...world renown treatment centers, therapy, workshops, lectures, EMDR...almost 40 years and tens of thousands of dollars later and I was still so frustrated not being able to bring those pieces together.  I may be wounded but I am an intelligent person who was kicking myself that I still couldn't grasp my life.  Inner Bonding has given me the tools, the steps to take all of that information from over the years and use it multiple times daily resulting in comfort, relief and hope. --Cyndi Noonan, TX


"Inner Bonding has created profound changes for my family.  Love blooms brighter and clearer and we connect on deeper levels than I could have imagined. Thank you for the process. My God, and I mean MY GOD is good and this Inner Bonding is becoming like my breath, it moves through me and gives me life, a very good life." --Suzi Korsak, Real Estate, Merrimack, NH


"I believe this Inner Bonding work is one of the most valuable tools for enriching our lives available today." --Bob Trask, author and keynote speaker


"That shift from control (it has many disguises including super-niceness, ‘figuring' out why someone else did whatever, etc.) to intent to learn has been like a huge door opening for me. This work makes more ‘sense' than any book, idea, seminar, guru or model I've ever experienced. Truly my ‘higher power' has led me here and I am deeply grateful. Inner Bonding has been perhaps the greatest discovery of my adult life and has actually brought me closer to God. Thank you." --Betty Mahalik


"The inner bonding work has completely changed my life and my relationship for the better. My husband and I went from a relationship that was surely headed for divorce (or misery) to the most fulfilling and connected relationship I have ever experienced! (More than I ever even imagined was possible.)  We are now able to communicate freely and openly about all areas of our life, money, emotions, sex. We both feel free to relate to each other openly without fear of the other's reaction." --Danielle Koprowski, Roselle, IL


"Inner Bonding has improved our relationship and our parenting, by giving each of us the tools to recognize, understand, and move beyond power struggles. As a result, we are each able to stay in a deeply loving place more and more continuously, and we bounce back much quicker if either or both of us goes into a wounded place. It's great that we both practice IB as we can get feedback from each other and can enjoy deep learning and spiritual growth together."--Emily Agnew and Duke Duchscherer, Rochester, NY


"Inner Bonding is profound beyond words." --Paula M. Powers, Attorney, Urbana, OH


"I have always looked to new information, new tools abd relying on things external to myself to bring about happiness & overcome obstacles and addictions from the past. Whilst they have all made a difference to living life, none were as deep and truly loving as the inner bonding process.  I now have access to a new way of healing myself. There's always been a part of me that has always known the way, but needed to be shown 'how' - simply put the Inner Bonding process shows you the how." --Daniel Balacco, Australia


"Something I read said ‘how could you expect to have a good relationship with someone else if you don't have one with yourself.' It made sense but I didn't know how to really connect with my self until I experienced the inner bonding process, which to me feels like a miracle.... I'm so grateful that I have found inner bonding after so much looking, because I know it's the missing piece....it's incredible that it is so simple but so powerful and so absent from any therapy I have ever." -Barbara Green


"The learning has been profound. Learning how to connect with my Spiritual Guidance to take loving actions for myself so my true essence can shine in the world.  Thank-you for sharing your learning."--Deborah Lange, Social Ecologist, South Australia


"As a professional I've seen a lot of approaches to personal growth and liberation and this is by far the best I've encountered...The intention ...makes all the difference...a gift to this culture." --Sue Fraser Frankewicz, Expressive Arts Therapist, Shelburne Falls, MA


'I have tried many healing methods and spiritual paths, and nothing has ever given me so much personal empowerment to heal myself and be responsible for myself.  The process is inspired yet concrete and totally applicable in everyday life.' --Maggie Hollinbeck, LMFT, Sacramento, CA


I've recently "completed" the 7-day introductory IB Lessons and Village trial. I single out the word "completed" because it's actually the beginning of a never-ending process, of learning and growth.

Nothing -- no other process, no studies, no counseling, no spiritual quest, nothing -- has ever impacted me so much. The shift inside me is palpable; I can feel huge, positive changes "clicking" into place.

I feel the Love of God. There's no elaboration possible, really. I've heard about it, studied it, reached for it -- grasped at it -- it's always eluded me, until now. Even just this very brief exposure to the IB teachings has been completely life-altering. Which is notable, to say the least, for someone who's been as desolate at heart as I have, for so long.

All I can say is Thank You. Pretty small words, for such a big gift. --Coby Gordon


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Most of our judgments of others are projections of our own inner upsets and self-judgments. Notice your judgments toward others. How are they projections of your own inner insecurities and fears?



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