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Dr. Margaret offers a 6-week Zoom support group. To join Dr. Margaret's telephone support group, call 310-459-1700 or 888-646-6372.

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A rotor wind is violent and turbulent. Yet each one is crowned with a beautiful, puffy cloud. It is God's visible reminder that lightness of being is the result of what we transcend.


"This was an amazing experience to learn how very much my Inner Child needs ME to be here for her and love her. The most wonderful insight was knowing I can love my little girl and take care of her needs first, yet still be the giving person to others I was meant to be. Thank you so much Margaret and Sharon for helping me to see the beauty I have inside." Durango Intensive, 10/07
Tamara Stover

"I spent two months trying to read testimonials and figure out what to expect from an Intensive, and I never could've known the gifts that I ended up with; JUST GO.  Be in the presence of a wonderful teacher (Margaret) and kindred travelers - give yourself the gift and the adventure.  It won't be your expectations - it will be full of wonderful surprises, wonderfully beyond all of them." Colorado Intensive, 10/08
Barbara Prindle

"My second intensive here has been a wonderful experience. I noticed I was different from the first intensive by a large degree in that I did not feel the overwhelming need for approval. I feel I was here to work and that's what I did. The space held was extremely safe. Margie, Valerie and Colin really supported each person often through some very difficult work. I could really feel their love for us and the work. The repetition of the Six Steps really helps to start to get it in your body. The issues others worked on often related to my own issues and their work brought up mine to look at. Retreat Centre - loved it - felt comfortable - the views are magnificent, the energy is peaceful and alive - food exquisite." Santa Fe, New Mexico - 4/2001
Nancy Cronyn

"My experience of the couples intensive was that relationships begin just with my Inner Child and God. It is very difficult to connect with others when my intention is to have that connection fill a void in myself. There is no point thinking about what you are going to say, when you decide to share your feelings with Margie. For some reason the issues or intentions become very clear when you start the Inner Bonding process. I am very thankful for attending as a couple, and it definitely helped my relationship with Pat because I am now conscious of myself, my child and my spirit." Couplesí ‰ntensive, Lucerne Valley, CA - 8/01
Dee Gronlund

"I first attended a weekend Workshop (2 days) which gave me a great overview and encouraged me to attend the next Intensive. I've done my share of therapy but this Inner Bonding Intensive (5-day) has given me an amazing connectedness to myself and the tools to continue my process of growth and self-improvement. The gentleness in helping me become aware of areas of work for me - allowing me to accept the input - I felt acceptance and safety and a sense of belonging that I've never felt before in my life. I've grown a true and authentic sense of self-worth. The friends I made will be lifelong. I've received the gift of a new family made up of those friends. The Inner Bonding steps are the light at the end of the tunnel. The light is forgiveness and hope and love - and my antidote to loneliness and emptiness." Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/07
Tim Lennon

"I had a very profound experience at this retreat.  It opened up a whole new world inside me and allowed me to heal some very deep issues.  I thank Margaret and the other participants for a very moving 5 days." Colorado Intensive, 10/08
Saeyoung Min

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A rotor wind is violent and turbulent. Yet each one is crowned with a beautiful, puffy cloud. It is God's visible reminder that lightness of being is the result of what we transcend.



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03/22/2023 08:00 AM
5-Day Virtual Intensive
Dr. Margaret Paul

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