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Today, allow the beauty of nature to connect you with the beauty of your own essence, your true Self. Look into a flower and see your light. Touch a tree and feel your soul. View a mountain and embrace the truth of who you are.


After years of therapy and many self-help books…something was still missing.  It seemed that no matter what I did (or approach I tried) I couldn’t get the “voice” in my head to quiet down or stop the negative talk.  And sadly, for some reason (actually many reasons) I not only couldn’t stop the negative talk  - I believed it! 
Enter Inner Bonding and Dr. Margaret Paul.  
Through Dr. Paul’s training I am learning to recognize when the “voice” in my head is filling me with false information. And more importantly, I now have a “tool” that helps me cancel out these thoughts and replace them with the truth.  
Is it a magic pill that changes everything immediately?  No, but it is a method that actually works.  The 5 day Intensive gave me an opportunity to work the process - which is critical because like anything unfamiliar it takes practice to achieve results.  Habits happen when we repeat them over and over again.  Intensives give you a safe and loving place to work on yourself and the benefit of Dr. Paul right there guiding you.  
This is my second Intensive and all I can say is…if you are hurting and seeking help INNER BONDING is the answer.  If you are looking for a way to grow spiritually Inner Bonding is the answer.  Truly, I believe that Inner Bonding should be a required course in life.  I know there would be a lot more love and peace in this world.
I am finally learning to love myself thanks to Dr. Margaret Paul :)

Chris Lieber

'It gets better and better.  Each Intensive I've attended brings forth deeper layers of healing.' NY Advanced Intensive, 11.11

Penny Boyle

'Inner Bonding made me meet God.  It gave me a family of 13 people who unconditionally gave me love and treated me with compassion.  It gave me the process to generate unlimited infinite love within me through my Guidance.  It was & will always be the most life-transforming experience towards growth & personal evolution.  The unconditional love and compassion that I received made me reveal the closely guarded dark secrets of my life.  I managed embracing truth, love and surrender to my higher self.  I gained self-empowerment through guidance of my Higher Self.  Recognizing forms of addictions and thereby gaining good health.  I learned how to live from the heart and become love.  I feel the strong sense of my purpose of life to be love and share with as many as I can.  Recommending the Intensive is to gift love forever…I wish that everyone on the planet does it.  I want to express my gratitude towards Margaret, Colin and my new 13 family members for all the love they gave me.  The pain I endured is a small price to pay for all that I have gained from Inner Bonding.  I understand the reason for walking the path in frightening darkness, as only now can I truly appreciate the illuminating light of my Higher Self.  I felt deep gratitude towards my Guidance for letting me survive the storm to see and experience God's grace.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 2.2011
Alpana Deo

'This has been the most amazing experience.  So much love and support from Dr. Margaret and everyone here.  I really feel the love and healing of Inner Bonding - seeing it in other people and watching them do their work and support them, and have them support me is transformational.' NY Advanced Intensive, 11.11

Clare Fogle

If you consider five days of your life, there is no better way to get to know yourself and walk away with a process for continued positive growth. I loved being here learning from Margie and all the participants. The bonding that occurred was both inner and with everyone with whom I shared this time.
Michael Solomon

'There is nothing in life more important than love of ourself.  Without it, we cannot love others very well, no matter how we try to defy this.  Finding the truth of who we are requires an honest look into how we feel and therefore, what we want for ourself.  Inner Bonding exposes false beliefs we carry in us that hold us back from love and happiness.  For anyone desiring improving their self esteem or relationships, Inner Bonding is a wonderful tool.' Colorado Intensive 4.14

Robert Kelleher

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Today, allow the beauty of nature to connect you with the beauty of your own essence, your true Self. Look into a flower and see your light. Touch a tree and feel your soul. View a mountain and embrace the truth of who you are.



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