Inner BondingĀ® Emotional Assessment


Are you tired of struggling with anxiety, depression, shame, insecurity, emptiness, various addictions - food, drugs, sex, work - and relationships that never seem to 'work?' Are you TRULY READY to end the vicious cycles that keeps you stuck in self-abandonment and lack of connection?

Actress Lindsay Wagner and Singing Sensation Alanis Morissette recommend the 6-Step Inner BondingĀ® Process for healing your shame-based false beliefs and attaining emotional freedom, creating joy, fulfillment, and loving relationships without medication.

You can begin to discover the same emotional freedom in the next five minutes.

Discover the ONE underlying cause of all these problems and the process for self-healing them.

Understanding the root cause of your suffering - and how to heal it - can start with taking this assessment. To appreciate the power of this 6-Step system, fill out this assessment and you will receive a free in-depth Inner Bonding Customized Report with valuable strategies for self-healing - strategies that I have developed over the last many years of working with clients - many of whom were high performing individuals, but who were suffering with the very same anxiety, depression, shame, emptiness, addictions, and/or relationship struggles as you may be struggling with.

Lindsay Wagner and Alanis Morissette use this powerful system of self-healing. These people, as well as hundreds of other well-known people who prefer to remain anonymous, have received the help that Inner Bonding offers, as did the 1000s of viewers when I was on Oprah and the many other radio and TV shows I've done over the last over 50 years.

Here you will begin to have access to this powerful system and to what it has rapidly done for them.

As one of the 1000s who has been helped wrote:

    Before Inner Bonding, most days getting out of bed was like pulling myself through the mud. There was not one area of my life I felt I could handle. I was a bad parent, and I had no ability to run a business. I couldn't handle my own life. I was always in fear that the dark cloud of depression might put me out of commission, sometimes for days. Now, because of Inner Bonding, I have peace, joy and connection with others in a way that I have always wanted. I have no fear of "dark cloud" days. I have the tools, a path to joy, a deeper connection. I am strong and grounded, and I know I can handle anything! I have joy in parenting and a deeper relationship with my children.

    Inner Bonding gave us a life I had only dreamed about!

    -- Suzi Korsak, Merrimack, NH, Commercial real Estate, and owner of an award-winning Crowne Plaza Hotel.

So how do you begin to learn this process? Verify your email address and you will receive your free customized report and ways to access this powerful process.

1.   I have a step-by-step system I use throughout the day that rapidly moves me out of any anxiety, depression, shame, or anger to feeling centered, peaceful and joyful.

2.   I have a completely effective method for remaining centered, peaceful and powerful when my partner or others are angry, attacking, withdrawn, rejecting, critical, judgmental, sarcastic, ridiculing, or behaving in some other rejecting way.

3.   I have a clearly defined process for staying centered and powerful - for not taking responsibility for my partner or others' feelings - when they are being needy, trying to control me, trap me, or use me in some way by complaining, crying, being a victim, or over-talking.

4.   I know that understanding my primary intention in every moment is what gives me the power to consciously make the choices that are in my highest good, and I have a process for instantly accessing what my intention is.

5.   I have a powerful method for manifesting what I want in life - financial success, a loving relationship, a good sexual relationship, and deep fulfillment.

6.   I have a powerful healing process that enables me to both understand and heal the cause of addictive behavior, so that I do not turn to sex, approval, attention, food, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, spending, gambling, anger, compliance, resistance, withdrawal, pornography, TV, video games, work, or some other addiction to avoid pain or fill emptiness.

7.   I no longer need to spend large amounts of money on therapy or medications because I know how to deal with pain and conflict in the moment.

8.   How much TIME have you already spent trying to heal your emotional and relationship issues and discover how to feel worthy and experience joy and inner peace, and you still have not discovered how?

9.   Because I have learned a powerful process for tuning into what brings me joy and for creating balance in my life, I spend my time in ways that are fun, creative, fulfilling, loving and supportive of my highest good - doing things that I am passionate about, both at home and at work.