Step Three of Inner Bonding


Dialogue with Your Wounded Self and Core Self

  • Discover the thoughts/false beliefs and actions from your wounded self that may be causing your fear and pain.
  • Release anger and pain in appropriate ways, doing the Inner Bonding Anger Process (video) (article), and/or allowing yourself to cry.
  • Learn about the past that created the false beliefs.
  • Nurture your existential core Self feelings of loneliness, helplessness over others and events, sorrow and grief.
  • Explore your core Self and what brings you joy.
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When our intent is to learn, we are able to hear the truth, even when it is difficult. This does not mean that we do not express pain or fear when the truth is hurtful or scary, but that if these feelings arise we handle them responsibly. When we become a safe receptacle for truth, others will naturally tell us the truth. Notice if you are willing to hear the truth.



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10/04/2023 08:00 AM
5-Day Virtual Intensive
Dr. Margaret Paul

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