Facilitator Training - The Inner Bonding Certification Program

Inner Bonding Educational Technologies, Inc. offers a certification program designed to train professionals in the Inner Bonding Process.

Prerequisites for the program:

  • You must have already received professional training or be in the process of receiving professional training. Professional training does not necessarily mean a traditional education. Please contact Margaret Paul with questions about professional training.
  • You must currently be working with clients.
  • You must be consistently doing your own Inner Bonding work.
  • You must be a member of IBVillage.

The training program consists of:

  • Attending at least two Inner Bonding Weekend Workshops as a participant, or one Weekend Workshop and purchasing and completing, both alone and with another person, the Inner Bonding set of Weekend Workshop CDs. The exception to this is if you live in a foreign country that doesn't have Inner Bonding Workshops, and then you can complete them through the CDs.
  • Attending a minimum of three Inner Bonding 5-Day Intensive Workshops - or one 5-Day and two 3-Day Advanced Intensives - as a participant, doing your own inner work. Other professionals may or may not be attending your intensive.
  • Working through the SelfQuest® program.
  • Taking the "Love Yourself", "Loving Relationship" and "Frequency" 30-Day at-home courses.
  • Continuing to do your own Inner Bonding work until you and Dr. Margaret Paul feel that you have become a good role model of personal responsibility for your own feelings, behavior, health and well-being.
  • Once you have done enough of your own Inner Bonding work to become a good role model, you participate as an assistant in at least two Inner Bonding Intensives, until both you and Margaret feel you are proficient, with both yourself and others, in the Inner Bonding process.
  • In addition, you must take an ethics class geared for psychologists and marriage and family counselors. It is essential that you fully understand issues of confidentiality and boundary issues with clients.
  • Free phone sessions with Silver, Gold and Platinum Inner Bonding Village members - 3 sessions, 6 sessions and 8 sessions respectively. Work with a minimum of 4 different free clients with Inner Bonding.

If you attend an intensive as the primary assistant, your room, board and travel expenses will be paid. If you attend as an additional assistant, you will be responsible for your own expenses. Once you are certified, you may be hired to facilitate Intensives with Margaret or with other certified Inner Bonding facilitators.

Benefits of Inner Bonding Training:

  • Learn directly from Dr. Margaret Paul and other certified Inner Bonding facilitators.
  • Through your own Inner Bonding process, further develop your spiritually-connected loving Adult, becoming a powerful role model for your clients.
  • Practice your skills within a structured and supervised environment.
  • Become part of the Inner Bonding network - you may receive referrals.
  • You will be featured on the website and your events will be advertised.
  • Your articles will be published and featured in the Inner Bonding Journal.
  • You become part of a community of facilitators who enjoy periodic group phone facilitation with Dr. Margret Paul.


Daily Inspiration

Loving yourself as you would love a beloved child creates deep inner peace and joy.


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Loving yourself as you would love a beloved child creates deep inner peace and joy.



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