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The Inner Bonding® Facilitator Training Program (IBFTP) 2019-2020 is currently in progress.  Due to the COVID-19 situation and travel restrictions, we are making some important changes to our future program. We intend to start the next program in March, 2021 and are considering offering the entire program virtually. Please stay tuned to this page for updates.


Who should apply?

The deeply immersive Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program (IBFTP) is designed for adults from all backgrounds who have benefited from the Inner Bonding process developed by Dr. Margaret Paul and Dr. Erika Chopich.  Some are counselors, therapists, ministers, coaches, healing professionals and teachers.  Some are leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants.  Others have no work experience in these areas but have been on their own personal and spiritual growth path and feel ready to take the next step.  We believe the best Inner Bonding facilitators are the ones who are committed to their own growth and healing and are therefore able to compassionately walk beside and guide others from their Loving Adult. Many people may choose to take this training solely for their own personal growth, as it is the deepest coursework Inner Bonding offers. This program is an investment not only in your future career but in the quality of your life and relationships. To apply to the program, potential participants must first complete the program prerequisites listed below.


Program Prerequisites

We believe that the Facilitator Training Program should be the last step in a person’s journey toward becoming an Inner Bonding® Facilitator, and that each potential participant must fulfill a number of prerequisites in order to be eligible to enter the IBFTP.  If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please be sure to complete the following program prerequisites (especially a live Inner Bonding Intensive, which must be completed before your admittance into the program):

  • Inner Bonding® Love Yourself 30-Day Online Course 

  • Attendance at a minimum* of one Inner Bonding® Intensive

    • *The hallmark of Inner Bonding Facilitators is the work they have done on themselves, as well as their facilitation skills.  Therefore, applicants to the IBFTP must demonstrate a high level of maturity, self-awareness and ability to apply the steps and concepts of Inner Bonding to their personal growth.  It is therefore likely that the majority of applicants will need to attend more than one intensive to arrive at this level.  It is up to the discretion of the trainers to determine whether a person is ready to join the program, which may require one, two, or more intensives. During times of travel restriction, Dr. Margaret Paul is offering Intensives virtually. Check the Events page at https://www.innerbonding.com/list-event/20/1/intensives.html to view upcoming available Intensives.

  • A minimum of 8 in-person, telephone or Skype/Zoom sessions with an Inner Bonding® Facilitator*  

    • *This can be done in a variety of combinations, bearing in mind that at least 4 of the sessions must be with a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator or Margaret, and the other 4 sessions can be:
    • 4 sessions facilitated by a Facilitator-In-Training  
    • 4 for attending two of Margaret's 6-week Telephone Support Groups
    • or 2 sessions facilitated by a Facilitator-In-Training and 2 for attending one of Margaret's 6-week Telephone Support Group                                
  • Read “Diet For Divine Connection” and “The Inner Bonding Workbook” (and complete the work in the workbook).
    • Or if you have already fulfilled the earlier version of this pre-requisite (which was a self-guided study program of two Inner Bonding® books or one Inner Bonding® book and one Inner Bonding® CD/mp3 lecture or course of your choice [in addition to the “Love Yourself” course]), then that is acceptable instead.

Stay tuned for our announcement of the dates and format of our next training program. If you think you'll like more time to finish the prerequisites and do your own self-growth work before March, 2021. Please email Stel Fine so that we can add your name to our list so we may notify you regarding future Inner Bonding® Training Programs as they become available.  


For more information about the Inner Bonding® Facilitator Training Program,

please contact Stel Fine, Director of Training at






from the 2017-2018 IBFTP Program, Module 1


"What I liked most about the training was doing Psychodrama, learning about resistance and going through the steps of Inner Bonding in such creative ways. Karen and her team were led by guidance to give us exactly what we needed."


"All trainers were knowledgeable, experienced, brilliant, vulnerable, competent and modeled much of the spirit of Inner Bonding."


"The training met my needs and more. I came with the intention of getting better connected to my Loving Adult and that has been fully achieved to a much greater impact than I realistically expected."

"I loved the vulnerability and realness of all the trainers. It was what drew me to Inner Bonding and continues to do so."

"The experiential nature of the training helped me assimilate the six steps in a deeper way."

"Far beyond what I could have asked or imagined!"


"Could not have been improved. It was divinely inspired."

"Brilliant, lovely, compassionate, intelligent IB course leaders, trainers and attendees. So perfect."

"I liked the variation of teaching techniques--psychodrama, posters around the room, acting things out, etc."


"Exceeded my expectations."


"Each facilitator was wonderful, supportive, kind, open, available!!!"


"The trainers were all fabulous--open hearted, very in-touch with the group, open to feedback and able to shift as needed."


"I don't know how it could have been better!"


"It was beyond awesome!"



©Dr. Margaret Paul, Dr. Erika Chopich, Inner Bonding® Educational Technologies, Inc. 2020


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We cannot get to know each other just through talking. We get to know each other deeply through being - laughing, crying, playing, loving, conflict, learning. Words are easy - anyone can say anything about themselves, but we cannot hide our intent in our real interactions. We cannot know someone's heart through words alone.



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