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Love has no conditions upon which it is withdrawn. It is steadfast, even when we do not receive what we want and others behave in ways that we do not like. Approval comes and goes, but Love is, by definition, that which is unconditional. Strive today for unconditional love with yourself and others.


'Really enjoyed the support, people in the group and the learning process through sharing. Margaret is awesome at leading people and helping them through things. She is very loving & supportive.'  Colorado Intensive April '15

Tracy May

"This was an amazing experience to learn how very much my Inner Child needs ME to be here for her and love her. The most wonderful insight was knowing I can love my little girl and take care of her needs first, yet still be the giving person to others I was meant to be. Thank you so much Margaret and Sharon for helping me to see the beauty I have inside." Durango Intensive, 10/07
Tamara Stover

"This was my first Intensive with my partner and it was incredibly powerful - we each worked on issues about our own work & personal issues, and saw how we try to control each other in different areas.  The understanding I got is going to transform my relationship with him - I can already feel the increased aliveness, curiosity and openness." Advanced Intensive, NY, 11/07

Emily Agnew

'Attending the Intensive helped me heal a part of me that always longed to let myself belong.  Belong to myself and belong with a group.'
Colorado Intensive, 6.10

Lori Atkinson

"The 5-Day Intensive was the most loving and fulfilling experience I have ever given myself. No one should ever hesitate to take advantage of such a precious and life enhancing adventure." Lucerne Valley, CA - May 2002
Carol Docouto

"Challenging and invigorating, eye opening and heart opening, authentically loving and fun, life changing and enhancing." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000
Sheila Mcgarey

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