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Anxiety is often a sign that you are not in surrender to spirit. Much anxiety is the result of attachment to control. We get anxious when we desire control over that which we have no control, when we are not in the moment, and when we are not in faith that we are being guided in our highest good. Today, notice your anxiety and see how it relates to control.


'This is a life changing experience for me.  Margaret's loving, caring presence was a gift in growth.  Learning about the Inner Bonding experience and experiencing it with the group was awesome.  I know this is but the beginning of the journey for me.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 2.12

Karen Raisler

"In this, my second intensive, I found I was able to focus much more on my work and my goals than in the first. The work I did in dialoguing with the wounded adolescent was, I think, an excellent start on my future dealings with the problem of rejection, anger, guilt and depression engendered by battling elements of the wounded adolescent." Los Angeles, May, 2000
Noel Sorrell


'This Intensive has allowed me to understand on a deep level all the concepts that I had just grasped intellectually.  The community-sharing of the group, really made me work on a deep level and opened my heart to receive all that I wasn't open to experience by myself.  It created deep openness within me, and profound healing.  Thank you so much!' Dolores, CO Intensive 4.13

Virginie Hentzienne

"Before coming here I was kind of resistant to coming to the Intensive. But after coming here and experiencing the bond with not only myself but with all the other people, it was a wonderful experience. Margie has a way of being very loving and right to the point and you just open up and feel all the pain which leads to an abundance of joy and freedom that I never knew was possible." Couples Intensive, Lucerne Valley, CA - 8/01
John Koprowski

My experience of these five days of Inner Bonding was one of the most healing and enlightening times. It was all wrapped up for me in the last day of jumping in and allowing my little child her place in my life. She is now alive, seen and fully appreciated. Thank you, thank you." Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/07
Susanna Barry

'Was a very powerful experience.  Really opened my eyes to how I live in an intention to control and allow little love for myself.  Saw how my lack of self love effects all aspects of my life, especially close relationships.  I came to the Intensive looking to solve my relationship and partner's problems and now leaving trying to establish a relationship with myself and letting go of my partner and her issues.  They are just a distraction for my lack of self love.  This was very hard for me to see and Margaret gently and persistently got through to me.' Colorado Intensive, 4.12

Mike McGill

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We offer five different online courses: Love Yourself - in both English and Spanish; Frequency; Loving Relationships; Attracting Your Beloved and Passionate Purpose, Vibrant Health.

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