The ONLY Self-Help, Self-Love Program You'll Ever Need to Create a Joyful, Peaceful, Fulfilled Life!

Self-love is the most powerful determinant of a good life—one of contentment, joy and inner peace.


Because when you have self-love, you have agency over your emotional well-being.

This means:

  •     You know what you need to do in order to feel more content and at ease, and you don’t hesitate to do it
  •     You trust yourself and your instincts
  •     You set good boundaries with others
  •     You make sound decisions based on your highest good

Thirty-five years ago, my best friend and colleague, Dr. Erika Chopich, and I, developed a process that we taught to clients through workshops or one-on-one sessions to help stop the painful, dysfunctional patterns that kept them stuck and unhappy in life.

This process has since helped hundreds of thousands of clients find emotional relief and develop REAL self-love. It helped them take more loving care of themselves, and make better decisions for their life.

It helped them where all other therapies, modalities, and processes failed.

I often hear that this process is of Inner Bonding the single most transformational tool in their lives and relationships.

As you may or may not know, Inner Bonding is a 6-step, real-time process that helps you uncover the hidden reasons why you’re unhappy, anxious, or having conflict with someone.

In the Complete Self-Love: The Ultimate Collection, you’ll get a master-level instruction on Inner Bonding, what it is, how to do it, and interactive tools that will help you apply this process in your everyday life to develop self-love.

I’ve designed this particular combination of programs to help you get the most out of the Inner Bonding process in three ways:

  1. It helps you learn the Inner Bonding process and then practice it in real-time.Whether you’ve never heard of Inner Bonding before, or have been reading about it for years, this Ultimate Collection will help you become a master practitioner of the 6-step process. You’ll learn about every single aspect of this process in detail, why it works and what pitfalls to avoid. But more importantly, you’ll have access to an online tool called SelfQuest that allows you to actually practice Inner Bonding each time you’re feeling anything other than at peace.

    Practicing Inner Bonding can be challenging, not because it’s complicated, but because our life-long conditioning prevents us from turning to self-love as the default remedy for any painful feeling. Or, we may know how to do Inner Bonding and we turn to it when we’re feeling anxious, but we shortcut the steps, rendering the process incomplete and ineffective.

    This Ultimate Collection makes it easy to practice Inner Bonding the most therapeutic way, and as often as you need it. You’ll do it through an interactive online process in the included membership (SelfQuest) that prompts you to name your feelings, examine your thoughts and false beliefs, and then guides you through the 6 steps of Inner Bonding. It’s like getting personal coaching each time you feel anxious, frustrated or just don't know how to handle a situation that comes up. And it’s available to you 24/7 in the comfort of your home.

    You can review or revisit your sessions and ensure you’ve followed through on your loving actions, which is critical to transforming negative feelings into self-love.

  2. It’s personalized to help you uncover the important aspects of your unique personal history and beliefs. SelfQuest also offers powerful questionnaires that will help you remember the pertinent details of your upbringing and past history, so you can uncover the origins of your underlying false beliefs that are driving your thoughts, feelings, and actions. These are questions that can elicit memories from the recesses of your unconscious, leading to powerful revelations about how your beliefs were formed.

    These beliefs can be very difficult, if not impossible—to uncover without this type of outside guidance.

    Once you uncover your unique hidden beliefs, you’ll be able to revise your beliefs based on what you know to be the truth, and in doing so, have greater agency over your thoughts and actions.

  3. It answers your pressing questions and offers compassion, caring, and support when you need it. When working through any self-help program, there are times when you get stuck, and need something explained or clarified. This Ultimate Collection includes that support from the Inner Bonding community. You don’t have to do this alone! You’ll connect with others who are also healing, learning and growing.

This Ultimate Collection is the only self-help, self-love program you’ll EVER need to transform your life, improve your relationships, and have a greater sense of joy and peace, every day.

Investing in all these programs individually would be expensive and out of reach financially for many.

But because I’ve created this Ultimate Collection, you have the opportunity to get ALL of these components together for HALF OFF the regular price than if you were to purchase each of these programs and memberships separately.

Self-Love Package

Here’s what’s included in the Ultimate Collection:


An 80-minute Introductory Video Lecture by Dr. Margaret Paul + a 7-Day Inner Bonding Course

In this video, you’ll learn about my background and how it resulted in developing the Inner Bonding process with my friend and colleague, Dr. Erika Chopich. You’ll get an overview of the Inner Bonding steps, and in 7-Day Inner Bonding Course will fast-track you to understanding the process, so you can start practicing it right away.

Love Yourself

Love Yourself: A 30-Day, At-Home Inner Bonding Experience
In this 30-day program, you’ll get in-depth, comprehensive training on all aspects of Inner Bonding. Each day for 30 days, you’ll receive an email, often with a video, an audio visualization, and a written explanation of that day’s focus. You’ll learn why Inner Bonding works, how to practice it, what the common challenges are, and how to overcome them.

You’ll also learn:

  • How your Wounded Self keeps you stuck in your painful programming by attempting to avoid feeling pain by controlling others.
  • How to shift your intent from wanting to avoid your feelings to learning more about yourself and others, which is always the first transformative step from feeling like a victim of life to feeling empowered and peaceful.
  • How to access your Higher Guidance, so you can make decisions that are more loving to yourself and in your highest good.
  • How to dialogue with your Inner Child to discover the very good reasons why you’re feeling, behaving or reacting a certain way.
  • How what you eat affects your overall health and your access to your Higher Guidance.
  • And much more.

Self Quest (6 Month Membership)

Simply mastering the process of Inner Bonding alone can transform your entire life when you practice it regularly, but I’ve also included another program in the Ultimate Collection that supports your learning in ways that would be difficult to get outside one-on-one psychotherapy.SelfQuest helps you uncover the origins and scope of your limiting or false beliefs. It also helps you recognize the ways in which you are attempting to avoid pain by controlling what others do or feel about you (and therefore making your emotional pain worse, not better).

In SelfQuest, you’ll go through special questionnaires that help you uncover aspects of your past and present relationships (with your parents, caregivers, and partners). These questionnaires will reveal WHY you have the beliefs you do, which will help you understand how your Wounded Self developed.

Being able to identify your false beliefs and how they developed makes the process of Inner Bonding so much easier, and resolves your inner conflict faster.

Additionally, there’s an Inner Bonding component In SelfQuest that takes you through the 6 steps in real-time. With this tool, you can practice Inner Bonding as often as you need to, and your answers are recorded for your personal review.

IB Village

IB Village (6 Month Membership)

Just because it’s a self-guided program, doesn’t mean you are by yourself in this! You’ll get support, caring, and compassion from others going through the same journey. There’s a whole “village” of people on the same path as you, yearning to feel more connected in their relationships and more at peace with themselves, and this community can help you stay motivated and feel supported every step of the way.

Through your membership to the IB Village, you can connect with others who are also learning, healing and growing, and receive the help you need anytime. Get answers to your questions, ask for help, offer feedback about your experiences, and feel connected to others who are experiencing the same life challenges.

The IB Village is a community of strong, vulnerable, kind, honest people working on creating a healthy life, just like you.

Complete Self Love - The Ultimate Collection Includes:

Individual Price

Special Offer
Love Yourself 30 Day Course
30 days of comprehensive coaching and training for self-love mastery


SelfQuest Membership - 6 Months
Highly customized process to uncover your unique limiting or false beliefs


IB Village Membership - 6 Months
Connect with others who are also learning, healing and growing 24/7


Inner Bonding Intro Video & 7 Day Course
Quick reference and background on Inner Bonding core concepts & fundamentals


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$425 Off the Regular Price

Self-love radically transforms your relationships, health, career and emotional wellbeing.

When you have self-love, you feel courageous and strong because you know that whatever happens in life, you know you can handle it.

You have amicable and loving relationships because you take responsibility for your own feelings, and you don’t take things personally.

You feel healthy and energetic because you treat your body with respect. You know what you feel, and can affect your feelings by choosing your thoughts.

You know what your dreams are, and you pursue them, because you’re not ruled by fear.

This is why self-love is such a powerful thing. It can affect your emotions, your relationships, your career, and even your financial standing.

And when things don’t turn out the way you’d hoped, the way they sometimes do in life? You trust it will all work out the way it needs to, and you move on.

You feel safe and can access joy, even in the midst of challenges or setbacks.

Life flows. Love is effortless. You have a sense of purpose.

EVERYTHING is easier when you have self-love.

Self-Love Package

Here’s What Others Have Said About Their Experience With Components of This Program:

"The Inner Bonding Course has been a great blessing; the key to healing. I’ve been searching for this for a lifetime. Investing all my resources to learn how to connect and love more. To develop spiritually and be of greater service to others. The blessings will be immeasurable. Thank you more than I can say." —Joy


"I have become aware of just how much emotional maturity was missing in me. I now have the tools to examine what is going on inside, and what to do about it. I am THRILLED!" —David G.


"WOW this month has been life-changing for me. I feel that Inner Bonding has the capacity to help empower everyone to heal their wounded self. This Love Yourself course with the inspiring Dr. Margaret Paul has to be the most healing and helpful thing I’ve ever taken part of. I was held in so much compassion and support as I suffered from severe PTSD because of my severe childhood abuse. Margaret has taught me so many techniques during this month to cope...and my PTSD is diminishing." —Melissa Griffith


"Being shown the way to living in love is all we want at our deepest level and the gift of your course leads us there. I have been seeking someone to show me a clear path to wholeness my entire life. Thank you." ~Markjd


"I absolutely loved this course...I think the one-month course with you was more helpful than the 10 years of therapy I've had. It's really, honestly, been life-changing. Thanks for such an amazing and empowering program." ~S. Bross


“Inner Bonding should be required for all couples, and I'm certain it can save marriages. The Love Yourself course does what counseling often fails to do--and that is to arm each person with the tools they need to feel whole all by themselves first. Even after years of personal-growth work, I found so much to learn. Thank you.” ~Jessica Stone


"Years of talk therapy have not even come close to what I've accomplished with IB and the support of IBVillage." A.K.
“I am loving it!… wanted to let you know how comprehensive and thorough and inspiring and enlightening I have found it to be. This is a HUGE tool, and for it to be so easily navigate-able makes it so user friendly… a tool that can directly trigger healing around addictions, depression, PTSD, relationships and anxiety (among other challenges) that keep us from the harmony of who we truly are.” –Alanis Morissette, singer, songwriter


"I can hardly find the words to express how much I loved this course! It gave me the courage to stand and be fully present in the midst of feelings that before seemed impossible to bear. It gave me the tools to face my deepest fears and make some life-changing decisions for the love of myself. I woke up every day with great excitement, looking forward to opening the 'Love Yourself' email that never failed to fill me with embodied realizations. Supported by Margaret's loving presence, this is the Ultimate Course that should be known and done by the whole world. I loved every single bit of it! " —Anikó


"I believe that this course, and your approach, integrates the spiritual, relational, developmental and emotional elements of wellbeing and blends them with neuroscience, somatic forms of therapy, psychological concepts, trauma and attachment theory, and cutting edge research on the micro biome/gut health - all with deep compassion and a loving openness - so important for us individually and for the planet. This combination is missing from many other types of personal growth work or therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, or relationship difficulties...I discovered things about myself that I had not understood, and as my awareness of myself grew, it translated to being better able to support my clients. I am particularly struck by the time you spent with each and every person. Your responsiveness and genuine care and connection was a great gift. I cannot recommend your course highly enough.” ~F


"This course was phenomenal. I have done inner child work before and I can tell the expertise you have in this system and how your system is uniquely transformational on many levels. This was life-changing. I thank you for all the work you've done on yourself in order to bring this to us!" ~Karen C


“I knew what I felt and wanted to explore more, but didn't have a place to practice what my heart wanted or a supportive community to go to, or a place to learn or the knowledge that I was longing to fully love and uncover me...Lost myself again and thankfully, happened upon IBVillage! I am so grateful for this amazingly kind community, and the wisdom that is so generously shared. I found the practice that works...Your words have given me divine Guidance. So thankful for the understanding that I have every day!!” --W.F.
“I really need to sit down and write something about the progress I have made since SelfQuest. I am drug-free – no more antidepressants in the past 3 years, I have lost over 100 pounds and worked The Plan – so I am on the road to healthy eating for the rest of my life – I went to college, graduated, now have a great job, might even start running again after having a life-altering injury to my leg. I have learned to love taking care of myself and have also learned to appreciate life more than ever. I thank you for what you gave me when you sent me your program. I have beat mental illness, obesity, a life long struggle fighting the remnants of a life rife with domestic violence – become self-sufficient and have learned to love myself. Thank you, Margaret.” –Kathleen Wood Howe, Kettering, Ohio


"Your courses have been wonderful, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this path in your life to guide others towards Truth and Freedom. You are spreading so much Light in this World! Love Yourself course has been the greatest blessing of my life, truly. I even called this year a turning point in my life. As strange as it may sound, I feel like newly born. Though I read many self-help books and did inner work (which all helped me to move forward), nothing really brought such a profound clarity, healing and inner peace that learning Inner Bonding does. I am forever grateful to have been guided to take this course. And I am beyond grateful to you for sharing the wisdom of your soul, Dr. Margaret. You can't even imagine, how much you have changed my life. Many, many thanks.” —Jurgita C


"I really loved the course! It was incredible! The pace was perfect…I loved the fact that there were videos, conference calls, emails, a forum - everything! The depth of sharing was great as well, adding differing perspectives at each step along the was AMAZING! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!" ~Danielle


“I can't even begin to say how much I have been helped here at IBVillage! The love and caring are amazing. You are always here for us and the love, appreciation, and gratitude that is felt by me is huge!” –-E. S.

You’d Have to Spend Years in Therapy, Spending Thousands of Dollars to Get Anywhere CLOSE to The Kind of Results You’ll Get from This Ultimate Collection

Normally, if you wanted help in dealing with your painful feelings, or your relationship conflicts, and wanted anywhere close to the kind of results you’ll get in the Complete Self-Love: The Ultimate Collection,

And even then, you may not get the results you’ll get from this Collection.

That’s because, in my professional experience, traditional psychotherapy often falls short or downright fails to address the painful feelings, recurring conflicts and “stuckness” individuals experience when they don’t know how to access self-love. And traditional psychotherapy doesn’t teach you how to access a spiritual source of love, comfort, and truth.

This is why I co-developed the Inner Bonding process so many years ago. After practicing traditional psychotherapy for 17 years, and having gone to therapy myself as a younger person, I wasn’t happy with the results—for myself OR for my clients.

I simply wasn’t finding the answers.

It wasn’t until I learned how to connect with a spiritual source of guidance through Inner Bonding, and then taught that process to others, that I finally found something that worked.

The Complete Self-Love: The Ultimate Collection is everything you need to be able to do Inner Bonding and gain self-love. When you practice the process and use the tools in the Ultimate Collection, you will finally understand what self-love really is, how to cultivate it, and how important it is in life. As a result:

Your relationships will improve…

You’ll have peace and joy far more often…

You’ll be more successful at almost anything you want to do…

Everything will be better when you have self-love.


Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Self-Love Package