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Anxiety is often a sign that you are not in surrender to spirit. Much anxiety is the result of attachment to control. We get anxious when we desire control over that which we have no control, when we are not in the moment, and when we are not in faith that we are being guided in our highest good. Today, notice your anxiety and see how it relates to control.


"The 5-Day Intensive was the most loving and fulfilling experience I have ever given myself. No one should ever hesitate to take advantage of such a precious and life enhancing adventure." Lucerne Valley, CA - May 2002
Carol Docouto

"Intensive is definitely the right word. Very, very helpful. I feel I made progress I would not otherwise have made. Thank you so much for this experience. Margie's instruction and wisdom are great and the others in the group were beautiful souls." Santa Fe, NM - April 2002
Marian Watson

"Inner Bonding is as meaningful and healing for an agnostic, which I am, as to those who can see angels and spirits. The process is universal; it will touch your deepest human essence if you will be open to learning about yourself. Margaret Paul is totally non-judgmental. She is centered within herself, intuitive, with gentle, loving strength. To take a workshop with her is to give yourself a gift: contact with the person you are and what you can grow to become." Lucerne Valley Intensive, 7/06
Alice Schafer

'Inner Bonding allowed me to access the very deepest part of my soul.  It helped me get to a place I've never been before, finally to the core of me.  It has been a challenging but amazing experience, one which has changed my life forever.  Margaret was perfect in every way and helped guide me to the bottom and supported me through that experience, and now I know I have finally reached the core, the only way is up.' Santa Barbara Intensive 2.14

Donna Capper

"Words fail in describing the sheer brilliance of the Inner Bonding process.  I have been in intensive therapy, 12-step and other self-help studies consistently for over a decade, and Inner Bonding has provided a key to unlocking true healing.  The Intensive was fun, challenging, intense, freeing and eye opening.  Five days is the perfect amount of time to take a journey from the bondage of self to self love and freedom.  I've made connections to the other participants that I hope will last a lifetime." Santa Barbara, CA Intensive, 2/08
Elizabeth Hill

"This was a great learning experience.  If you want to learn more about how to heal that lonely feeling inside that seems to be there no matter what you do or who you are with, then come along for an Intensive." Durango, CO Intensive, 4/08

Debbie Peskett

Support Group

Support groups are periodic meetings where you can get individual help with your Inner Bonding process. Some support groups are in person and others are on the telephone. Dr. Margaret offers a 6-week telephone support group. To join Dr. Margaret's telephone support group, call 888-646-6372.

Date Event Location Hosted By
04/05/2018 10:00 AM Dr. Margaret Paul's 6-Week Inner Bonding Telephone Support Group Dr. Margaret Paul
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