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Laughter raises our frequency and is healing for our body and soul. Our essence takes life lightly and finds humor even in difficult times. Our wounded self often wants to take things very seriously. Today, choose lightness of being and allow your laughter to flow.


'The Intensive has been such a wonderful and healing experience for me.  The loving, caring and open environment has helped me to open up to deep pain and supported me in healing those wounds.  I learned so much about the Inner Bonding process by working directly with Margaret and by observing her work with other participants.  This has been an incredible five days and I hope to be back soon to help me deepen the process.'     Colorado Intensive, 4/10
Stefanie Nesmith

'My experience of the Intensive was being part of a diverse group of the most amazing people - each there for their own growth yet learning from the work of each other member.  Dr. Margaret Paul teaches the actual Inner Bonding process through the direct work she does with each participant and she creates a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where I was privileged to see each member of our group make life-changing breakthroughs.  The best part is that I am leaving here knowing how to continue my growth using the Inner Bonding process.'  Colorado 5-Day Intensive - June 2015

Jean McGinnis

"Over a year ago a friend told me how Inner Bonding saved her son's marriage & she recommended that I go online and check into it.  After reading information online I contacted Margaret and I began having phone sessions.  I learned a great deal during the phone sessions and they were of great help, especially with the additional books and CD's.  But it wasn't until I attended the 5-Day Intensive in June 2008 that it all really came together and I finally became aware. Margaret consistently told me to get my eyes off my husband.  She would say, 'It's not about him, it's about you - it's about how you are treating your little girl.'  Now, I'm aware and have the tools to take care of myself.  It is a life-changing experience/process and I highly recommend Inner Bonding.  Thank you, Margaret!" Colorado Intensive, 6/08
Mary Ann Farmer

'The Intensive is an amazing opportunity to get the truth about your behavior, the stark, clear, actionable truth.  And that is invaluable.  I have a very tricky wounded self that comes in quickly and unconsciously to keep me stuck in my pain and low self-opinion.  But because Margaret mirrored to me what she saw, I could see it too and my wounded self's machinations were laid bare.  This gave me great clarity.  Also, I'm learning that I actually can choose to do a process that brings me peace.  I was always intent on being authentic.  But I couldn't distinguish between my wounded self and my true self, so I was being authentic with my pain, which was just hurting me.  Now I choose to feel good and to do what is necessary so I can feel peaceful and whole and truly present & open.  Thank you, Margaret!' Colorado Intensive, 4/10

Stel Fine

"I have been working on a path of self understanding and growth for about 7 years. I have read books, gone to therapy, worked on my spiritual connection. Inner Bonding has allowed me to bring this all together - as well as giving me a key to continue my growth - not with outside or external motivators but with an inner motivator." Lucerne Valley, CA - May 2002
Dorothy Lowrie

An Inner Bonding Intensive is like being handed a recipe for the most healing dish you can imagine and then showing you how you by yourself can cook it, and then eat it, and share it with others, and bring health to your whole system of being on this planet. Basically, it shows you how to take really good care of yourself."
Beth Fairservis

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