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What nurtures you? Do you feel nurtured by being out in nature? By doing something creative? By sitting quietly and listening to music or reading or watching a movie? By being with caring friends? By being physically active - hiking, playing a sport, or gardening? By meditating, journaling, practicing Inner Bonding? By playing fun games? By playing a musical instrument? Today, be sure to create balance in your life by nurturing yourself.


Inner Bonding is the greatest process ever! Margaret Paul is an inspired genius! Does this sound a little too effusive? Well, yes, probably I am biased because I am an Inner Bonding facilitator, but let's put the chicken before the egg here: I trained to become a facilitator after I experienced the huge difference the process made in my life, and as I witnessed the enormous changes in myself and others who used the 6 Steps. I wanted to bring to others what Inner Bonding and Margaret Paul brought to me. So if you are serious about healing yourself, if you really mean business when it comes to changing your disfunctional behaviors, if you really want a method to engage productively in conflict with others, then jump on the Inner Bonding train. The destination is your own, and the journey is well worth it!
Nancy Weston

"From all other courses and trainings, this one is a diamond and I advise it to everyone.

I feel blessed to have come across this course, taking it was certainly one of the best things I could ever do for myself. I am so thankful to myself I did it. I feel like I got to know the most important secret and how to apply it.

Loving oneself is the best and absolutely essential foundation every person should have inside.

And it’s amazing how powerful it is. Just imagine that there is just one thing that is the key to feeling peace, joy, feeling secure and confident, reaching your highest potential, building happy relationships, healing relationships, solving health issues, getting free from old fears and old pain, forgiving, and many many more. Everything in your life can be healed. Just by loving yourself. It is so simple and so powerful.

If all people learned this, we would live in a completely different world."


'I began this experience with some amount of fear.  Quickly, after arriving I began to feel safe and by the end, now, I feel open and compassionate towards myself and my new friends. Margaret gets to the point and consistently and loving guides our understanding of the process.' Los Angeles Inner Bonding Workshop, 4.12

Donovan Porterfield

"My experience is mystical. I now have a tool that allows me to LOVE and receive LOVE. What's profound is that I've learned that it all begins with setting the intention to learn about what's the loving action I should take for myself. To ACCESS my Spiritual Guidance. That my Essence is not the false beliefs that I have held onto for 30 years. I am freeing myself. It's wonderful."
James Beard

'I was very pleased at the diversity of the participants, (age & sex), as this added to the experience when they shared.  This process, Inner Bonding, is a wonderful learning experience and really works.  I specifically liked when Dr. Margaret worked with individuals, as it really helped me understand how the Inner Bonding process works.  Three ways I've benefited from this Workshop are: 1. It raised my self-esteem 2. Learned that I have, we all have Guidance and how to connect to it. 3. Improved my relationship with myself.  I would recommend this Workshop - everyone needs this opportunity and understanding.  It could ultimately heal families and our sick society.' Los Angeles Weekend Workshop, 3.11
Elizabeth Karner

'I came here with a very small understanding of Inner Bonding and had read a few articles on yours and Sheryl Paul's website. My love and relationship has been struggling for a year now and I was at my breaking point.  It was so enlightening to learn Inner Bonding and understand that my wounded self was doing all the talking and treating my partner badly.  All the time before it felt as if I was 'right' and it took this session for me to realize that I can only be right for me.  I look forward to exploring Inner Bonding and loving myself and my partner the way we both deserve.  This course has been excellent.' Weekend Workshop - Kripalu, Lenox, MA 9.14

Simona Shapiro

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